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Terms & Conditions: Children that are entering into 1st through 5th grade are eligible to register for GA Kids. Children must be entering 1st grade at the time of the conference start date. No onsite registration is available. All GA Kids attendees must pre-register. No translation is available. All GA Kids attendees must speak fluent English. Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to accommodate children with special needs. 

If a parent/guardian picks their child or children up late more than twice, a warning will be issued. If a third time occurs then said child or children will no longer be able to participate in Greater Things Kids during the duration of the conference. Guardians must be in attendance at the conference. Guardians that are not registered for Greater Things are not allowed to pick up children. 


We understand that we will be notified in the case of a medical emergency involving our child. However, in the event that we, or either of us, cannot be reached, we authorize the calling of a doctor and the providing of necessary medical services in the event our child is injured or becomes ill. We authorize any one or more of the following persons to make emergency medical care decisions on behalf of our child if required by law or a health care provider: Any Global Awakening Staff member or Global Awakening Kids Volunteer Team Member.

We understand that the Global Awakening Staff, or any of their agents, employees, or volunteers, will not be responsible for medical expenses incurred on the basis of this authorization. 

We agree to notify the Global Awakening Staff in the event of any health changes which would restrict our child's participation in any activities. We also understand that Global Awakening representatives reserve the right to restrict our child from any activity that they do not feel is within the physical capabilities of our child. 


We, the undersigned, being the parents or legal guardians of the child named above (the "child"), do hereby consent to the participation of our child in the activities of the Global Awakening Kids' program, including dancing and any other activities customarily associated with a children's program. Further, we certify that our child is physically able to participate in such events.

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